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    Artificial Intelligence: Assessing the AI Boom in iGaming

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    Numerous industries have embraced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in recent years and the trend is unlikely to slow down any time soon.

    The iGaming sector has been at the forefront of AI adoption, with the technology used extensively by businesses to support and improve their operations.

    Its use is undoubtedly crucial in helping iGaming brands make their mark in regions where online casinos are still an emerging phenomenon.

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    For example, several countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are in the process of establishing a new licensing and regulatory framework for iGaming.

    Leading brands such as 888 casino have already established a foothold in the region, and many elements of their website are supported by AI technology.

    With that in mind, read on as we take a closer look at how the AI boom will help to shape the iGaming sector over the next few years.

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    Safety & Security

    Much like established iGaming jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, safety and security is a primary concern for legislators in the MENA region.

    AI technology is used by operators to ensure each of their games are completely fair and that their sites are capable of withstanding cyberattacks.

    Payment fraud is another area where AI is utilised, helping to reduce the chances of unscrupulous individuals stealing someone’s identity.

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    AI ultimately takes the leg work out of all the essential safety and security elements needed on an iGaming site, thus making it run much more efficiently.

    Improved Gameplay Experiences

    The intuitive nature of AI allows it to be used by iGaming operators to determine how their sites are working and whether any improvements can be made.

    AI has the power to report which games are the most popular, thus allowing the operator to replace any underperforming titles as required.

    The technology can also be harnessed to create more personalised gameplay experiences – a factor which plays an essential role in customer retention.

    By analysing player data and making recommendations on the findings, AI helps to create a positive environment where people can get the most out of their iGaming activities.

    Customer Support

    In an ideal world people would never need to use customer support options, but there will occasionally be times when it is necessary.

    That point is particularly pertinent in regions where players may not be overly familiar with iGaming and need answers to what are generally viewed as common queries.

    This scenario is where AI-powered chatbots come to the fore, allowing operators to effectively offer around the clock support to their customers.

    AI innovatively uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to ‘chat’ in real-time with players, helping to resolve queries without requiring support agent involvement.

    Responsible iGaming

    Most people who enjoy playing on iGaming sites can do so without causing themselves any problems – they set a budget and stick to it.

    However, a small percentage of players find it more difficult to remain in control, which can lead to issues in their everyday life.

    Licensing and regulatory bodies require operators to adhere to responsible gaming practices which are designed to prevent this from happening.

    AI is the core technology used to support this, as its pattern recognition algorithms are extremely adept at identifying players with any such issues.

    Fraud Preventing

    As mentioned earlier, AI can be used by iGaming firms to prevent fraud occurring when people are making deposits and withdrawals on a site.

    It also has the capability to monitor player behaviour and can identify when people are colluding with each other to the detriment of other players.

    This unsavoury tactic has been known to occur in poker games – conduct that is against the spirit of the game and can cost legitimate players their chance of winning.

    Using AI in this way helps operators demonstrate to customers that they take the integrity of iGaming seriously and creates a more trustworthy landscape for everyone.

    Marketing Incentives

    The competitive nature of the iGaming industry means operators must come up with innovative ways to retain their existing customers.

    Many operators use AI algorithms to create personalised offers and promotions by analysing how individual players use their sites.

    For example, a player who regularly plays blackjack or roulette games may receive weekly bonuses to entice them into spending more time at the tables.

    This type of customer engagement builds brand loyalty and makes it much more likely they will keep returning to the site in the future.


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