Bego app block in Pakistan, final warning to TikTok

Tiktok Ban in pakistan
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The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has decided to immediately block the Bego app and issue a final warning to TikTok. A statement on PTA’s Twitter account said:

According to the statement, “Using its powers under the PECA, the PTA has decided to immediately block Bego and issue a final warning to TikTok so that these companies can develop comprehensive procedures for controlling immoral content.

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The PTA said in a statement that it had issued notices to both the social media companies to moderate the unethical content under national law and ethical limits, but their response was unsatisfactory.

Earlier, the PTA had decided to temporarily ban the online game PubG. which having a devastating effect on mental health.

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The statement also said that according to recent media reports, suicides attributed to the PubG game have also come to light. The Lahore High Court has also directed the PTA to look into the matter and decide the matter after hearing the complainants.

It may be recalled that a few days ago, a citizen in Lahore had filed a petition in the court seeking a ban on TikTok, which was accepted for hearing.
Irfan Ali, a Lahore resident, had filed a petition in the Lahore High Court seeking a ban on tick-tock. Petitioner’s lawyer argued in court that the TikTok mobile app was destroying the young generation and promoting pornography in the society.

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