Demographic Diversification New recruitment rule introduced in UAE

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Demographic Diversification New recruitment rule introduced in UAE

Dubai (United Arab Emirates) Introducing a new recruitment rule in the UAE, companies have been directed to obtain a work permit for one out of every

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Dubai (United Arab Emirates) Introducing a new recruitment rule in the UAE, companies have been directed to obtain a work permit for one out of every five employees for another nationality. According to local news paper reports, UAE-based companies and public relations officers (PROs) say that while applying online for new work permits, they are receiving an alert from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates (MOHRE) emphasizing that workers of different nationalities should be hired. Do, in the alert or pop-up notification received when submitting the application for a work permit “Be a part of this success together to build on your unique and successful experience in cultural and Demographic Diversification and secure the first of every five work permits within your firm’s quota,” the release states. Strive for continuity while implementing the principle of diversity while applying for it”.

Visa experts and agents have categorically denied the viral claims that the UAE has stopped issuing visas to Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis because companies with a large number of employees of a particular nationality want to stay abroad. As more nationalities apply for new visas, only they receive a message from the authorities asking them to try to hire an employee of another nationality.

Sirajuddin Umar, Public Relations Manager of Galaxy Digital Business Services Dubai, said that based on his company’s recent experience in applying for work permits, companies whose workforces do not include diverse nationalities are encouraged by the system. In cases where companies need to recruit candidates who belong to different nationalities, if a company has a quota for work permits, they need to ensure that That 20 percent of the available quota should be allocated for different nationalities.

In this regard, Adnan Khan, Operations Manager of Siddique Haider Corporate Services Provider, says that this procedure is related to the demographic diversity of the organizations and is not related to any specific nationality, i.e., you have 20% of different nationalities depending on the quota of your company. In the company classification by the Ministry, such establishments are moved from Category 2 to Category 3, which is a lower category, if they do not focus on this principle.

He said that if the establishment has only one nationality that is a large part of the total workforce, then the establishment goes from Category 2 to Category 3, this also affects the company as their work permit costs increase. However, the work permit prices for Category 2 and Category 3 are different, which is why this principle will also benefit companies that have different nationalities in their workforce and lower work permit prices.

“When someone comes to us to hire a new worker, we first apply for an offer letter from MOHRE, which includes the terms and conditions of the company and the offer being made,” Adnan Khan said. Offer letter and salary details are also included, when approval is received, we inform the customer, who needs to sign it, after which it is submitted to MOHRE for approval, which Then we make the payment and then apply for the visa.