Top 5 things to consider before dining in cruise

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Top 5 things to consider before dining in cruise

Dining in cruise provides a pleasant experience which can not be missed. If the cruise is Dubai dhow cruise marina then you can get arabic and interna

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Dining in cruise provides a pleasant experience which can not be missed. If the cruise is Dubai dhow cruise marina then you can get arabic and international cuisines. The quality of food on board is unbelievable. Cruise service providers take care of every meal ranging from tempting appetizers to decadent desserts to make it the best food to enjoy. Many cruises do not only provide three meals but you can eat food all day at any time you need. It is important for cruise ships to provide a wide range of meals to their users as they are carrying many guests. Every dining provides a different experience but most cruise lines stick to their traditional meal with few differences. dhow marina cruise is a service provider to book your ride on cruise.

Here is a general guideline to dining on high sea:

Traditional Dining

Even the most premium cruise lines have opened arrangements for breakfast and Lunch but they provide two separate timings for dinner. First one is early or main dining is generally between 6 pm to 6:30 pm. Those who like to go to bed earlier can choose this dining time. You can recommend to guests traveling with small children to stick to meal timing.

The Late dining options usually take place between 8 to 8:45pm. Middle Eastern guests prefer the late dining as they do not want to feel rushed for dinner. You can book your traveling journey  on dhow marina cruise for the best dining option.

Freestyle Dining

Some cruises offer alternative dining options as compared to traditional Early and Late seating options. The timings are fixed in traditional dining. In freestyle dining you can eat whenever the guest wants , where they want to eat. This type of dining is also called my choice dining. The flexible dining option allows guests to pick when they dine in the main dining room onboard on a daily basis, giving them more freedom to spend their days as they choose, such as spending more time in a specific port of call one day and dining later that evening than another.

Casual Dining

If your guests choose not to dress properly for the dinner, they might opt for informal dining. Most cruise lines have informal dining, including a buffet-style supper and the option to order from a menu with table service (in the evening). This is the greatest option for visitors who do not want to worry about packing formal clothing.

Alternate Dining

In most cruise ships there are other alternative restaurants so you can eat items according to your choice. You do not need to pay extra charges for dining and buffet to cruise liners.

The main famous themes of these special and boutique restaurants include italian ristorante, French bistro, Asian sushi bar and american steakhouse and much more. Your guests can comfort themselves from the choice of specialty and cafes on board new and young ships. dhow marina cruise offers  the best dining services on cruise.

Healthy Options

People who are concerned about their diets can also find options on cruise ships. Such dining options provide low fat and low calories meals. All such cruises offer healthy alternative menus. Any type of guest who wants a low fat, salt and cholesterol control diet can get it from the cruise dining menu.

Table size

You can book a table on cruise before on boarding you are given a choice to select between small, medium or large tables at dinner. A small table is enough for 2 to 4 people, a medium table is for 6 to 8 guests and a large one for 8 to 10 guests. It’s good to book your dining seat before arriving so that the cruise liner can arrange your table according to it with similar age groups, families with other families , singles with singles and honeymooners with other honeymooners for the best experience they can gain from cruise dining. dhow marina cruise provides the cruising services along with sighting of marvelous architecture.


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