Digital Marketing n 2023: What’s the Change


Digital Marketing n 2023: What’s the Change

It’s 2023 and time for businesses to pull up their socks with agile marketing strategies. Adapting a change is critical in today’s scenario with appro

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It’s 2023 and time for businesses to pull up their socks with agile marketing strategies. Adapting a change is critical in today’s scenario with approximately 1.5 billion people worldwide using social media. In a strange way, consumers are becoming more discerning about the services and products they indulge in.

And therefore, following outmoded digital marketing strategies is not going to help any business sustain. The only way to step ahead is to tweak old strategies and follow the pattern of being slightly offbeat.

Simply put, it’s time to evolve into changing landscapes with a bright mindset and a concrete plan.

Buckle up, we are here to ride you through some digital ways of staying ahead of the curve. While everyone’s scouring the internet for digital marketing trends for 2023; we are bringing forward a concise blog for you.

Digital marketing trends for 2023:

  • Get conversational 

Communication is a great way of delivering consumers with an enhanced and seamless experience. And chatbots are an ideal way of engaging and hoisting customer satisfaction with some instant responses. Though chatbot development isn’t relatively new it is slowly transforming the marketing game for small and large businesses by offering a variety of benefits and bridging the gap with potential customers.

While businesses have been using chatbots since a while, the trend still needs to be aggressively adopted.

  • Visual content

Little did you know that visual content can do wonders for your business. They are great for SEO and can derive exceptional leads. As per statistics, 73% of consumers find video content more gripping. Whilst the demand for video content is increasing rapidly, experts are predicting about 91% of consumers being hooked on to video content from brands. And therefore, every platform in 2023 is anticipated to be crowded with video streaming.

Nearly five years back, video marketing was a bit unpopular but it has steadily slipped into every stream today. Also, the channel is expected to explode in 2023 subject to driving massive internet traffic. The power of video marketing is colossal and plays a pivotal role in decision making. According to Google, video marketing is indispensable and can help businesses excel globally to the next level.

  • LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is officially the largest professional network and fosters an effective engaged community. Striking the right B2B marketing strategy is hard to hone but once done the world is your oyster. A well thought-out plan is the only way to stand out on the platform. Though it has been around for years, very few actually leverage it rightly.

At present, more than 59 million companies use LinkedIn to market their products and services. Though it has been around for years, it has recently posted a massive record growth. LinkedIn can serve as a great platform for businesses to soar, grow your audience and accelerate your popularity; but the way to do it is by seeking professional help.

To unpack questions like how and when, get started with hiring a Digital Marketing agency.

  • Social selling

Not exaggerating but on an average, a person spends about two and a half hours on social media. Given the importance of it in consumers’ lives, it is important for businesses to flock around and target as many consumers. However, it’s not as straightforward as it looks. Social media is jam packed with content and competition. Therefore, there is a lot to factor in for sureshot gains.

Social selling plays a huge role in digital marketing in Dubai, causing significant dominance to your business. Sadly, knowing the best way to market your service or product year to year cannot be known, but that’s where the professional plays a role. Hiring one can help harness the latest social media trends for 2023 and sustain the fierce competition.

  • Influencer marketing

If it’s not on your radar yet, you are not doing it right. Influencer marketing is not new but it’s here to stay, or rather dominate 2023. Study says that it’s responsible to bring about $5.20 for every $1 that’s spent. Nonetheless, businesses must pay utmost attention to which type of influencer is vital to the brand. Partnering with popular celebrities can massively boost sales; provided it’s the right one.

Influencer marketing can foster your content strategy, add value to your audience, help brand authenticity and augment SEO rankings. And hey, what better way to obtain the ‘halo effect’. While the process of choosing an influencer may be bewildering, allow the digital marketing agency to do so for you.

One Last Thought:

Marketing trends come and go, having said that, some strategies are saga- one of which is content. Often heard ‘content is king’? There is truth in every word. Calculated and curated content can make solid connections, build communities and derive short-term & long-term gains. 

The way to sustain today is to embrace the latest trends and not let go of the old ones. Only then, you can make money while you’re asleep. No kidding!


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