How to Check Omantel Balance & Data Balance With 3 Easy Methods

How to Check Omantel Balance 3 Easy Methods

In the country of Oman, Omantel is the first and most well-known company for telecom networks. They offer customers who are postpaid and prepaid hundreds of low-cost and superior internet, call and SMS deals. Their services are exceptional. In this post, I will provide easy methods to check your balance with Omantel by using a USSD code and their official app, and also calling their customer service. Be aware that if you’re short of phone credit you can get loans from Omantel. But, let’s look at these options…

Check Omantel Balance With Short Code

The first and easiest method of checking your Omantel balance is through code. You just need to use your dial-pad to dial *100# before pressing” call. Then, you will see an alert message with the balance of your mobile. But, due to some reason, this method doesn’t work in the present you may try the method below.

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Omantel Data Balance Check

You can easily look up your Omantel internet data using their prepaid service through the official Omantel. Install the app and sign in using your phone number. Once you are in the Dashboard you’ll find your balance of internet data, with the package you want to use. Below is a screen shot for information.

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Check Omantel Balance Through App

Omantel has recently launched its mobile app to manage its services wherever you go. The major benefit of this app is that you can see your balance simply by clicking it. Apart from monitoring your account balance, users are able to take advantage of a myriad of other services. For instance, you can activate internet-based packages, calling SMS and call plans, and getting immediate assistance and more.

Click Here To Download Omantel Android App

Omantel Android App
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However. to see your balance on your Omantel balance you must download their official app that is available to Android as well as iOS devices. Install Omantel, install the Omantel application, sign up with your phone number and you’ll be able to be able to see your balance on the Dashboard. It is possible to access the Omantel application and view your balance in the Dashboard easily.

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Check Omantel Balance Using Customer Care Number

If you feel that the methods above are difficult to follow, then you can try the following method. You can dial 1233 to follow the voice commands and follow the directions. So, you’ll know the present Omantel balance. However, the best way to find out the balance of your mobile on Omantel would be to call *100#, then hit on the button to call.

Dial 1233 to Check Omantel Balance
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In addition, if you experience issues with reviewing your prepaid balance. It is recommended to call 1234. This is that’s the Omantel official customer helpline to receive immediate help. Therefore, there is no precise information on how much they might be charging you when you speak to their customer support representative. But, you are able to listen to their voice instructions to determine you balance, by calling.