How to Teach Islam to Toddler?

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How to Teach Islam to Toddler?

The toddler is the age at which kids are highly inquisitive to learn, gather information, and process it. Their cognitive skills (thinking, listening,

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The toddler is the age at which kids are highly inquisitive to learn, gather information, and process it. Their cognitive skills (thinking, listening, and reasoning) develop by taking tremendous leaps, so parents and teachers can take advantage of teaching them about religion & teach islam to toddler.

How to make Islam for toddlers easily understandable?

Islam is a religion based on inner truth and the natural inclination towards the right path. Many parents ask How do I start teaching my child Islam? If you want to introduce Islam to toddlers, act and endorse Islam, as Islam is a lifestyle.

You can not give a lengthy lecture to toddlers regarding Islam, this way you will alienate them from the religion because of the boredom they will feel.

You need to think out of the box to make Islam easy and interesting for toddlers.

6 Practically Helpful Tips to Teach Islam to Toddler

Follow our practical and useful tips to teach Islam to toddlers successfully by developing love and understanding of the religion from the early years of their lives.

1- Inculcate the love of The Creator in their tiny hearts:

Parents are usually concerned about How do you explain Allah to a toddler? Well! The answer is simple but you need to work really hard, efficiently, and cautiously.

Remember, toddlers will accept whatever you will tell them as true. They will believe every single word because their reasoning and critical thinking are still developing. So, instill the affiliation and love for Allah by telling short simple details like,

  • Allah is One.
  • He is the King.
  • He holds everything.
  • He loves everyone, especially kids.
  • He watches everyone.
  • He listens to everyone.

Introduce the beautiful names of Allah with meanings to teach Islam to kids . You can start with :

  • Ar-Rahman
  • Ar-Raheem
  • Al-Mujeeb
  • Al-Wudood,

etc. Relate the names to the creation like the flying birds, the shining sun, the tall trees, and the huge mountains. The toddlers understand better with visual examples.

2- Use Colorful Islamic Books for Toddlers to help them Understand Islam:

There is nothing more fascinating for toddlers than colors and pictures. Use Islamic books for toddlers to engage them in understanding Islam according to their age group. It is a fact that the majority of parents find teaching Islam difficult due to their inability to comprehend it according to the age of the kids.

The books designed and formulated by The Islamic Kids Store are age appropriate and full of beautiful colours, visuals, and details. 

Some of the storybooks for toddlers available on this website are :

  • Allah made everything.
  • Quran stories for toddlers.
  • My first book of dua.
  • Allah’s best friend.
  • What is Jannah?
  • Allah speaks to Prophet Moosa A.S
  • My first Prophet Muhammad SAWW storybook.
  • The ark of Nuh A.S
  • Pizza in his pocket. (Learning to be thankful to Allah), and many more.

Recently they have launched a new series Baby’s First box of Quran stories 1. This would be very helpful to engage kids in stories.

Select the stories of Prophets and narrate them at bedtime to let kids get associated with them. Toddlers think about the stories too much and ask more and more questions out of curiosity.

You can easily teach Islamic attributes and etiquettes like bravery, gratitude, thankfulness, forgiveness, patience, and tolerance.

The more toddlers will listen to the stories of the Prophets they will learn something.

3- Use Islamic Games and Toys to Help Toddlers Learn Islam:

Toddlers need activities all the time. To channelize their energy in a positive way, provide them with Islamic games and toys to get attached to Islam.

These games and toys can be :

  • Puzzles,
  • Stack blocks,
  • Card games,
  • Memory games,
  • Wooden blocks, and miscellaneous stickers.

Your toddlers will enjoy playing these games and the toys. Get them enrol in Quran  classes for kids where they can learn Quran and get engaged with Islam.

4- Use Islamic Home-schooling Worksheets to make Toddlers Understand Islam:

There are many free printable Islamic worksheets available online to Teach Islam with fun. All you have to do is to look for the Islamic home-schooling worksheet material and check the topics and the activities. Shortlist the ones with engaging content and activity.

Using the preschool Islamic worksheets makes teaching really easy and effective. Toddlers can use colours, crayons, cut and paste, draw, join, and many other fun-filled activities at home to learn about Islam.

You can engage them in making cards, posters, and packing Islamic gifts by keeping Islamic history in mind.

5- Make Toddlers Accustomed to Worshiping Allah through love, not Fear.

Whatever your kids will see you doing will attract them and toddlers will accept every gesture as it is. Tell them everything with reference to the Love and Affection of Allah. If we worship, it is because we love to talk to Allah. If we make dua, it is because we trust that Allah is All-listening.

Do not put the fear of Allah or fire or monster in toddlers. We see that many mothers tell toddlers that if they will not pray, or listen to them, Allah will be angry, Allah will burn them in Hell, or the monster will come to scare them at night.

Remember, kids, take everything very seriously. They believe in you and will associate fear with Allah.

Never let fear of Allah occupy their little hearts, with time they will develop fear as well but not in early childhood.

When teaching about salah and helping them develop a love for Salah, many parents complain that they face trouble in doing so. So there is a uniquely designed My Salah universe box by the same site which is an amazing game to let toddlers learn about salah and get habitual In sha Allah. This box contains a Salah foldable mat, stickers, and an activity workbook.

6- Follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAWW to Develop a love for Islam:

This is a very helpful tip to teach Islam to toddlers. Follow the sunnah of daily life to impress toddlers and appreciate them to follow.

There are many websites that facilitate you in this regard by providing items like :

  1. Sunnah stickers to remind you about daily sunnah to follow and mark them.
  2. Wudhu laminated stickers to make your toddlers recall the sunnah of wudu.
  3. Dua reminder stickers are for all the duas of eating, drinking, entering, exiting, sneezing, sleeping, etc.

What Resources Can be Used for Islamic Classes for toddlers?

The teachers who are successfully and efficiently teaching Islam to kids, use educational resources to enhance the learning process in Islamic classes for toddlers. Parents can also get hold of these resources if they are home-schooling their kids or want to teach Islam on their own at home.

These resources include:

  • Flashcards of different topics.
  • Story hints through pictures.
  • Colouring pages for Allah’s names.
  • Cut and paste academic material for activities.
  • Memory cards to recall stories, and much more.

All you have to do is to search for it and get started. You can buy all the resources online.

Guidelines for Islamic Studies for preschool toddlers: 

If you want to follow a proper syllabus to teach Islam to toddlers then you can search online for Preschool Islamic worksheets that are skilfully designed by keeping the table of content in mind. They cover a large number of topics regarding Islam. Here are some guiding points to consider for Islamic studies for toddlers.

  1. What is Islam for toddlers?
  2. The 5 pillars of Islam.
  3. The famous 4 angels.
  4. The famous 4 Holy books.
  5. The 6 beliefs in Islam (précised for toddlers).
  6. The history of Islam and Prophets.
  7. The stories of the Prophets, the companions, the warriors, and the famous pious peoples.

Set a time for these topics and teach through visuals, cartoons, animations, games, toys, activities, and stories. Toddlers will enjoy every bit of it and will develop a love for Islam which will keep growing in them with the growing age and proper teaching.

FAQs about Islamic studies for toddlers:

There are some very relevant questions that people ask us about teaching Islam to toddlers. Here are the answers to those queries.

1- How do I teach my 3-year-old Islam?

Be very careful in choosing the words for Allah and Islam. Do not be rigid or harsh while teaching. Keep the details short and simple to let your 3-year-old child understand.

2- When should I teach my child Islam?

Kids are born on Fitrah, Islam is already in them, you only need to help them discover through examples, conversation, and relating with things around us. You can start as early as 1 year.

3- How to install the love for salah in toddlers?

Salah is an important pillar of Islam. Don’t tell kids that we are ordered to offer salah 5 times a day, rather, train them that salah is a conversation between a man and his Lord. Tell them that their favourite Prophet had loved to offer salah. Kids will definitely try to follow them as their role models.

4- Can I introduce all 5 pillars of Islam to my toddler?

No, you can not teach them about hajj if you think their intellect is not yet prepared to understand. Toddlers can easily understand what is Shahadah, salah, sawm {fast}, and charity but they need to understand hajj if they have been with you to the House of Allah and Prophet SAWW.

5- Do I need to enrol my toddler in any online Islamic Studies class?

Yes, if you think you can not efficiently teach Islam to your toddlers, then find a reliable platform and enrol your kids without wasting any time.

6- How long does it take to teach Islam to a toddler?

Islam is not a book or syllabus that you will teach for a specific duration and your responsibility is over! To teach Islam to a toddler you need to work hard to let them learn every day.


Toddlers grasp information and retain it like no one else. So, plant the seed of love for Islam in their tiny hearts carefully. Keep watering the seed and see how well it grows.


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