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    In the UAE, which banks provide instant account opening?

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    Are you trying to open a bank account in the UAE? Are you tired of a range of administrative processes and are short of time? There’s always another option! You could open a bank account online.

    Without stepping a single foot in the bank, you’ll have everything you need. With banking mobile apps, online banking becomes very easy. Their speed and simple interface help you reach your banking goals in no time.

    You must be wondering about the types of bank accounts at your disposal. In the UAE, you have a wide variety of options to choose from, such as a personal banking account or a savings account. When it comes to taking out loans and getting approvals, the usual process is quite lengthy and not very convenient.

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    Luckily, with an online mobile bank account, preferred by over 90% of UAE residents, everything is just a single tap away.

    Here are the banks that open an account instantly in the UAE:

    First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)

    FAB is one of the most tech-savvy banks in the UAE, with a user-friendly mobile banking app that lets you create an instant bank account with just your Emirates ID and a simple verification process. In addition to standard mobile banking features, you get several perks and offers in top retail, dining, and travel destinations.

    HSBC Bank Account In UAE

    International bank HSBC aims to meet this fast-paced world with a difference. They offer hassle-free mobile banking services through their app. Not only can you manage all your accounts on the go, but it’s also possible to open new accounts in major currencies. The app also has a wide range of investment, wealth, and insurance products that you can apply for.

    Commercial Bank of Dubai Bank Account In UAE

    The Commercial Bank of Dubai is also a frontrunner in mobile banking. You can apply for a card, anytime, anywhere, through the CBD app, get smart banking notifications, check out cashback offers and get many rewards.

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    Emirates NBD Bank Account In UAE

    The Emirates NBD mobile banking app lets your transfer and schedule transactions on the fly. Its innovative Smart Pass brings a new security layer for digital banking in the UAE, replacing the need for an SMS Authentication Code.

    More features you can enjoy with these mobile banking apps include:

    -Checking your account transactions, history, and balance. Making instant payments to domestic accounts within the UAE or international accounts partnered with the bank.

    -Paying essentials such as water, electricity, phone bills, and more, easily and conveniently. Setting up reminders and repeat payments.

    -Easy credit card bill payment to avoid late payment. There are also facilities to apply for a loan or mortgage.

    -Getting fraud alerts and notifications in case of any fraud suspicions, giving you the peace of mind you need.

    -Services while travelling abroad, making it easy to access your funds during an emergency situation.

    Get started!

    We hope this has informed you on which bank opens an account instantly in UAE. Get your personal account started and enjoy superior services and wonderful offers.


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