Metro Station Near Me – Nearest Metro Station In Dubai With Map


Metro Station Near Me – Nearest Metro Station In Dubai With Map

When anyone searches for "Metro Station Near Me'' or "Nearest Metro Station in Dubai", he need to use Dubai Metro Map which can be helpful to check

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When anyone searches for “Metro Station Near Me” or “Nearest Metro Station in Dubai”, he need to use Dubai Metro Map which can be helpful to check the next location. You don’t have to worry, you can learn all about metro stations here.

Dubai is experiencing the public transportation system, specifically, it was the Dubai metro station was the solution to the ever-growing issue of traffic Today, we’ll provide you with the most comprehensive guide to how to get take advantage of the metro, as well as maps of the stations and ticket prices, as well as metro timings, as we address the majority of the commonly asked queries on the internet. So, take a seat and join forces to discover the most efficient method of getting through Dubai conveniently and affordably!

Dubai Metro Map & Zones

In the Dubai metro station map, we can see two principal lines (the green and red) The green line runs to an Etisalat metro station on map, while the other red line connects Al Rashidya to Jebel Ali The two Metro lines intersection at Burjuman Metro Station and Union Metro Station, which means when anyone need to switch from red lines stations to green line, then they must change at the intersections.

RTA has released 3 different types of Dubai metro maps.

  1. The first is simple and is known as Schematic maps. It is possible to see stations of both Red and Green stations on the line with ease. Zones information is also accessible on the map so you can figure out the price of your journey.
  2. Interactivity Dubai Metro map. It shows precisely the location of each station and the transportation zones. It also shows the route for Dubai Tram and all famous tourist destinations are also shown on this map.
  3. Dubai metro maps are overlayed over the Map. Both green and red lines are overlayed onto the map.
Dubai Metro Map

Dubai Metro Map

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We recommend all of our readers to keep the metro station map below on their smartphones, as it can be helpful in your travels across Dubai You must be cautious as it was announced on 08/2021 that two metro stations will be named differently, Al Rashidiya metro station is to be changed to CenterPoint metro station, and Al Jafiliya metro station will be transformed into Max Fashion metro station, you can learn more about it here. Metro stations are being renamed in Dubai.

Metro Station Near Me In Dubai / Nearest Metro Station

Below are the lists of all metro stations on the green line and the red line.

Nearest Metro Station In Dubai

Metro Station In Dubai

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Dubai Green Line Metro Stations

Below is a complete list of metro stations that you could explore starting from Etisalat station and ending at the creek metro station.

NoMetro Station Name
1Etisalat metro station Dubai
2Al Qusais metro station
3Dubai airport free zone metro station
4Al Nahda metro station
5Stadium metro station
6Al Qiyadah metro station
7Abu Hail metro station
8Abu Baker Al Siddique metro station
9Union metro station
10Baniyas Square metro station
11Gold Souq metro station
12Al Ras metro station
13Al Ghubaiba metro station
14Sharaf DG metro station
15Burjuman metro station
16Oud Metha metro station
17Dubai Healthcare City metro station
18Al Jaddaf metro station
19Creek metro station

Dubai Red Line Metro Stations

The following train stations are located on the red line. It is possible to go through the names and look for a Metro Station near you!

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NoMetro Station Name
1Centrepoint metro station Formerly Al Rashidiya 
2Emirates metro station
3Dubai Airport Terminal 3.
4Dubai Airport Terminal 1.
5GGICO metro station
6Deira City Centre metro station
7Al Rigga metro station
8Union metro station
9Burjuman metro station
10ADCB metro station
11Max Fashion metro station Formerly Al Jafiliya 
12World Trade Centre metro station
13Emirates Towers metro station
14Financial Centre metro station
15Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Metro station
16Business Bay metro station
17Al Safa metro station
18Umm Al Sheef metro station
19Mall of the Emirates metro station
20Mashreq metro station
21Dubai Internet City metro station
22Al Khail metro station
23Sobha Realty metro station
24DMCC metro station
25Jebel Ali metro station
26Ibn Battuta metro station
27Energy metro station
28Danube metro station
29UAE metro station

Fares & NOL Cards

The majority of metro stations around the globe require some kind of ticket or card in order to allow you to use that public transport system. The same applies to Dubai and all passengers have to carry the Dubai NOL card in order to access and pay for metro charges at any metro station, obviously, these electronic advanced cards have multiple functions since they can be used to pay for RTA service, park costs and taxi fares, and also to pay for groceries or items purchased at the Zoom supermarkets. Basically, anyone visiting Dubai should consider purchasing one of these cards.

Of course that not all benefits and services are available on the metro NOL card. However there are 5 kinds that are available, and they differ in terms of cost per benefit.

The table below shows the cost of metro tickets in Dubai :

Standard Nol Card

Metro Station Near Me In Dubai

Dubai NOL Card Silver

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  • Metro NOL card price (AED)
    • 25 AED and 19 AED balance
  • Price of NOL cards to children (AED)or all zones
    • Free
  • Cabins class
    • Standard
  • Validity
    • 5 Years

Gold Nol Card

Gold NOL Card

Dubai NOL Card Gold

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  • Metro NOL card price (AED)
    • 25 AED and 19 AED balance
  • Price of NOL cards to children (AED)or all zones
    • Free
  • Cabins class
    • Gold-class metro cabins
  • Validity
    • 5 Years

For students, senior citizens / monthly / yearly Metro Passes

Dubai NOL Card

Dubai NOL Card For Students / Senior Citizens

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  • Metro NOL card price (AED)
    • Regular 70 AED with 20 AED balance
    • Gold 80 AED with 20 AED balance
  • Price of NOL cards to children (AED)or all zones
    • Free
  • Cabins class
    • Gold-class metro cabins for Gold card holders
    • Standard cabins for Standard card holders
  • Validity
    • 5 Years

Single Trip NOL Card

Nearest Metro Station Dubai

Dubai Nol Card For Single Trip

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  • Metro NOL card price (AED)
    • 2 AED 
  • Price of NOL cards to children (AED)or all zones
    • Free
  • Cabins class
    • Standard cabin
  • Validity
    • 90 Days or 10 Trips
    • Single trips – can be recharged up to 10 trips

You also have option of personalized metro NOL card which you can buy for just 30 AED? If you’d like to get unique designs for your cards, you can do it! Seriously, all you can think of is from your most loved Marvel characters to the most popular K-pop celebrities, and even Facebook memes! Anything is possible to print when you request the creation of a personalized Nol card.

Dubai Metro Opening Hours For All Stations

Dubai Metro Timing
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Dubai Metro App

RTA Dubai have already launched Dubai Metro app which you can find on Google Play Store and iOS app store. It will provides the access to various Metro services, such as information regarding Dubai Metro stations and Metro Nol Card.

Dubai Metro App

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Rules & Regulations

Because Dubai has been ranked as the no.1 tourist attraction across the entire UAE It is no surprise that the city brimming with tourists would be governed by strict metro regulations in Dubai to ensure public transportation There are a few points you need to be aware of when you’re riding a train in Dubai The one thing you don’t wish to commit as a visitor or a resident is violate the law.

  • Don’t consume food or drinks in the metro station, and even chewing gum isn’t allowed and could lead to a penalty of 100 AED.
  • Are you carrying a gold card and you’re sitting in a gold-coloured cabin? This is in violation of the rules of the metro in Dubai If you’re caught in an incorrect cabin, you could be penalized by up to $100 AED.
  • We’ll be repeating the obvious: sleeping is not permitted in the waiting areas of Metro stations.
  • If you are transporting luggage while traveling, for instance, you might be heading directly to airports from the hotel, or the reverse, you’re allowed two suitcases: one big and one small, and both must be kept in the designated area.
  • Don’t sit on the floor of the train.
  • The most severe penalty ever could be pressing an emergency call button even though there isn’t a need for it and could result in an amount in the amount of 2000 dollars!

It is important to keep your conduct in mind when traveling on public transport in Dubai Be aware that others are also using the train just like you. Being respectful of each other can ensure an enjoyable and safe journey.


Do I have the option of paying cash at the Dubai Metro?

Unfortunately, you are not able to make use of money as your method of payment. Metro stations all require cards from NOL to pay.

Where can I purchase a NOL card in Dubai?

A Metro NOL card or ticket can be purchased from any of the kiosks in metro stations in Dubai or from the ticket office, or even at tram stations.

What is the NOL card’s price?

We’ve mentioned the increase in the cost of tickets to the metro within Dubai or cards, based on the kind, however, suppose that you’re in a single zone and with red and green line stations, you will be charged 3 AED for the silver metro NOL card and 6 AED for the gold card, and 4 AED to purchase a red card, as an example, when you travel from Union Station in the metro to Dubai Marina station.

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Do I have to use the Dubai metro system to get from the airport?

Yes, you are able to travel to and from the airport via the two stations that are connected to Dubai airport terminals. They include Dubai International Terminal 3 and Dubai international terminal 1.


Living close to a station is a wonderful opportunity. While you’re traveling on Metro do not forget to keep your behaviour, because the rules are in place and there can be sanctions. Be aware that others are traveling on the same train as you and everyone is one as you, so be respectful of everyone so that you can enjoy a relaxing and safe journey. We wish you a safe journey!


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