Top 5 Things to Always Keep in Mind When Renting Luxury Cars in Dubai


Top 5 Things to Always Keep in Mind When Renting Luxury Cars in Dubai

Making your car rental dream come true in Dubai is a great feeling. The city offers some of the best car rental services that help tourists and reside

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Making your car rental dream come true in Dubai is a great feeling. The city offers some of the best car rental services that help tourists and residents fulfill their luxury car fantasies. Whether you have been having dreams about a Rolls Royce or a Mercedes Maybach, they are all available readily. Also, luxury cars rental Dubai services are available for events and occasions all year as well.

When renting a luxury car in the city, you will need to provide your driving license. Foreign tourists will be asked for a few other documents as well. Doorstep delivery or pickup services will be offered by quality car rental companies. Also, prices will vary for the same car at different service providers. Here are some important things to keep in mind when renting luxury cars in Dubai:

1: Selecting the Right Car for the Right Trip

Every trip or tour requires a different type of car for maximum efficiency. A city business tour will always need top luxury cars in Dubai like Rolls Royce, Mercedes Maybach, or something similar. However, a family trip will need something more spacious like a Range Rover for luggage and extra seating capacity.

Also, if you plan to go on a desert safari, only powerful SUVs will provide the required driveability. Selecting the right car for the right trip is very important. In many ways, this can be a make-or-break decision for your vacation or weekend trip.

Also, exotic sports luxury cars like a Ferrari or a Bentley will be top choices for many preferences. So, make sure to consider your requirements and book the car accordingly. Don’t just go for your dream luxury or sports car and find yourself needing some other features altogether.

2: The Need to Book Your Car Early

Dubai can get pretty tourism busy in the peak months. Wintertime in the city is the peak when it comes to tourism. During these months, it will be very difficult to find a car you prefer available for rental. Also, prices will be sky-high during the peak tourism season as well.

So, it is always better to book your luxury car rental service as early as possible. When you need a luxury car for a vacation in Dubai, it is easier to book early. Vacations get finalized quite a bit in advance. This allows you to book early and get cheaper prices.

Also, even when booking your car for a local weekend getaway, make sure to book as early as possible. Last-minute car rental bookings usually get unwanted results for the clients.

3: Don’t Miss a Proper Car Inspection Upon Delivery

Whatever car you are booking, inspecting it as it arrives is very important. With rental cars, the thing to keep in mind is that they need to be returned in the same condition as they arrived. Also, for expensive luxury cars, even a small ding or scratch can cost so much to fix.

You don’t want prior damage repair costs added to your invoice. This is why it is important to inspect your rental car well as it arrives. Go around it on all sides and look for signs of damage. Do a thorough walk around the car looking for scratches, dings, dents, or any other signs of damage.

Also, the best thing is to take close-up images of any damage to your rental car. Record a short video highlighting the damage. It will be useful in case the rental company adds prior damage repair costs to your invoice.

4: Chauffeur Services Usually Don’t Cost Extra and Are Very Convenient

A lot of the time, people think that hiring a chauffeur with a rental car will add additional costs. However, that is not the case. High-quality car rental companies in Dubai offer a free chauffeur hire service when renting top luxury cars. There is nothing to pay for the chauffeur service.

However, hiring a chauffeur can be the most convenient thing for any road trip requirement. Local chauffeurs are trained professionally and have road and route knowledge to make your trips more convenient. Also, these guys are very friendly as well.

When planning hybrid trips in Dubai including city tours and desert safaris, hiring a chauffeur can be a great option. You can be totally hands-free and enjoy conversations with passengers at any time.

5: Never Compromise on Your First Choice Car in Dubai

Dubai is an exotic luxury car dreamland. Think about a luxury car and it will be available in the city for rentals. Making your car dreams come true here is like nothing at all. You see the most expensive exotic luxury cars roaming the city streets every Tuesday.

So, when you have a specific car in mind, never compromise on it at all. When you start looking for your dream car, it might be unavailable at a few rental companies.

However, when you search for your first-choice rental car at the right places, it will be available. The likes of Rolls Royce Cullinan, Lamborghini Urus, and many others are available readily for business or private trips. Book your favorite car to have a great time in the city.

Tips to Get Cheaper Car Rental Prices in Dubai

When you know how to book your rental car, affordable prices will be available. Also, look for deals and discounts at car rental companies. There can be attractive deals available at different times of the year. Some important tips to get the best car rental prices in Dubai include:

  • Book Your Rental Car Early – Give your car rental company a booking as early as possible. Early bookings will get cheaper prices and eliminate unavailability problems.
  • Return the Car on Time – Do not go for car rental contract extensions at all. Return the car on time and avoid additional rental costs and raised prices.
  • Settle for Older Models – Usually, a couple of years older models of your favorite luxury cars are available for much less. These will offer all the features you need.
  • Use the Power of Negotiation – Never not negotiate on car rental prices in Dubai. Negotiate right and you will be able to save big on your luxury cars in Dubai hire services.
  • Use Loyalty Programs If Available – Many car rental companies will have loyalty programs going. Use the same service provider and get discounts where available.


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