The president of Brazil, who calls Corona a common flu, is also suffering from the epidemic

Jair Bolsonaro
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Brazil (Gulf Inside) Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who has called the corona virus a common flu, has been hit by a global pandemic.
According to AFP, the Brazilian president has confirmed that he has tested positive for the corona virus.
“I am perfectly normal, I wanted to come here on foot but I will stay at home because of the doctors’ recommendation,” he said.
Yesterday, when fever and other symptoms appeared, he had his test done for the fourth time and the result was positive.

The Brazilian president has repeatedly called the Corona threat a “common flu” and has been at loggerheads with state governors over whether to remove or soften the lockdown.
Jair Bolsonaro says a strict lockdown should not be done because it is not good for the economy. He also announced a relaxation of the rules on wearing face masks yesterday.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has congratulated Brazilian President Bolsonaro on his corona test, saying it has clarified the reality of the virus.
“No one is special in this matter, we are all equal and we extend our best wishes to Bolsonaro and his family,” Michelrian, head of the World Health Organization’s emergency department, told a news conference.

Brazil ranks second in the world in the number of people infected and killed by corona, with more than 1,628,000 people confirmed to have corona, while more than 65,000 have died.

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