Formal Resignation Letter Sample For UAE & Other Countries


Formal Resignation Letter Sample For UAE & Other Countries

You can use this Letter as Formal Notice That You're Resigning If you want to resign from a position, then you should send a formal resignation lette

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You can use this Letter as Formal Notice That You’re Resigning

If you want to resign from a position, then you should send a formal resignation letter and should also inform your manager personally. A letter is an official notice that mentions that you are leaving your job, including your last date of employment. you can find best Resignation Letter Sample in this article.

This letter is a proof in your Human resources file that you have obeyed all requirements of your job before leaving. Most organizations have a requirement on their hiring contracts that you give them two weeks formal notice before you quit the job.

What To Include In Your Resignation Letter

Your letter must be brief, simple and to the point. There is no any need to mention the reason of resignation in the letter. Just mention the fact of your resignation, last day of work and end up with some best wishes for a smooth transition.

You should also share your experiences and career development support which you gained during your employment in the company in brief and say thanks to your employer for all the opportunities.

How to write a Resignation Letter

It’s a given that you shouldn’t make a statement like, “I resign. Bye There is a formality to follow when writing a resignation letter however, it is not as scary as you might imagine.

It is important to note that you don’t have to compose a long document or include a lot of details–you only need to inform your employer that you’re planning to step down, including the most important details and conclude it. Make sure your resignation letter is only one page, and ensure that it contains the following information:

  • An expression of intention to notify the company to quit your job
  • Your name is the title of your staff official the name of your office staff
  • When you’ll be on the final day at the job.
  • Thank you to your employer for the privilege of hiring you.
  • A highlight of your overall time you spend there (optional)
  • A request to prepare your replacement
  • Best all the best in the near future for the company.
  • Your contact information


If you express gratitude in your letter, your employer may try to help you in your future work and help you move to a better place in future.

Have a look on these tips for what should be mentioned and how to write a resignation letter.

Formal Resignation Letter Sample – 1.

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This letter is an official notification that I am resigning from my job as an Account Executive at Marketing Media. My last day is the 3rd of April, Friday.

Thank you for the chance to serve in this position over the last six years. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and enjoyed my opportunities to build our pipeline and sales team and be part of the creation of a fantastic product, work alongside my coworkers, and have learned a lot about the marketing process and digital media industry that I’m sure to keep along with me throughout my career.

I’ll do my best to complete my tasks and help other team members in the coming two weeks. Let me know what else I can help with in this change.

I would like to wish the company the best of luck and wish to keep in contact in the near future.

Sincerely, Your Name 

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Formal Resignation Letter Sample – 2.

Your name

Your address

Your city, state zip code

Your phone number

Your email






City, state zip code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I am writing this letter to let you know that I am resigning from my post as marketing supervisor for the David company, effective august 1 2022.

I am so much thankful for the opportunities and support given to me during my work period. I enjoyed a lot during my tenure with (mention company name), and I am filled with gratitude for the assistance and confidence you have given to me to follow my personal and professional goals.

If during this transition I can help the company by providing any facilities to them please let me know I will be very happy and I will do anything possible.


Your signature (hard copy letter)

Your typed Name.

Email Resignation Letter Sample.

If you are sending your resignation via Email, then the subject of the email should make it clear that what is the purpose of the email is. For example ( resignation smith or smith resignation) as subject line will make it clear to the manager that what is the importance of the message. The content of the letter should be as formal as any resignation letter.

Email Resignation message

Subject: John resignation

Dear Mr./Ms. Name,

Please kindly receive this letter as my formal resignation from X.Y.Z company. Sep 1, 2022. will be my last day of work.

I am so much grateful for the opportunities and experiences which I have achieved during my working period, the person who will join as my successor will be lucky because he will become the part of your brilliant and supportive team.

Please let me know if I can help you during this transition by providing any facilities I will be happy. I wish you and X.Y.Z company endless success.



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More Resignation Letter Sample

You should search and review more examples of better resignation letters for all kinds of conditions. There are samples and templates you need when you move on from a job.

Resignation Letter Sample -1.

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Formal Resignation Letter Sample
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Resignation Letter Sample -2.

Formal Resignation Letter uae
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Resignation Letter Sample -3.

resignation letter format
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Resignation Letter Sample -4.

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Resignation Letter Do’s and Don’ts

There are critical resignation do’s and don’ts. So you should think carefully before writing resignation letter.


Keep it positive. Your resignation is your final statement when you leave a job, and it’s always a better idea to leave on a positive note so that your seniors  and colleagues are sorry to see you go.

Provide a formal letter. A written letter should be send through mail or email, it is important because it closes your file and also assures that all the relevant information management and supervisors have if they need. No matter if you are leaving the job be polite and humble.

Offer to help with the transition. It is good to show your ethics and good manners and offer your help during transition period. You should help in interviews or train the person who replaces you. Or just help in the completing of documents and project process.


Brag about your new job. You are leaving the job but no need to show off about your new job. Because sometimes it is possible that your new job might not be suitable for you and if this happens, may be you wish to go back to your old job and work with your old coworkers.

Tell the whole truth during your exit interview. There must be many reasons for your resignation may be you don’t like your boss, or don’t fit in company atmosphere or may be your goals and company goals don’t match. Now there is no need to be straightforward about these facts.

Important fact. ( may be you feel that exit interviews looks like a better way to express your issues with the company but no really not a good way.)

Be positive and attend the meeting as an opportunity to build strong networking relationship. Not as a chance to emit.

Quit without notice. Some companies are like small worlds, if you leave the company without any notice or on wrong terms, it will come back to hit you back eventually.


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