Hafilat Balance Check Online And Offline


Hafilat Balance Check Online And Offline

Hafilat Card Balance Check online and Offline For those who reside and/or visit Abu Dhabi, you must have heard of or at least had the chance to hear a

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Hafilat Card Balance Check online and Offline For those who reside and/or visit Abu Dhabi, you must have heard of or at least had the chance to hear about Hafilat Card. It is a smart card to travel on public transport within Abu Dhabi, the capital in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It The card can be utilized to purchase ferry and bus trips, and can be loaded with cash to cover numerous travels.

The card was introduced to improve public transportation for visitors and residents of Abu Dhabi, UAE. It can be found at various locations, including Abu Dhabi Bus Stations and customer service centers. The Abu Dhabi Hafilat Card can be recharged online or at vending machines. It is also available through ticket vending machines. The Hafilat card offers discounts for frequent Abu Dhabi bus commuters and students.

How to Get Hafilat Card

There are a many ways to get a Hafilat Card. You can get the Hafilat Card in Abu Dhabi by following bellow steps:

Go to the Hafilat Card customer support center 

There are many customer service centers scattered throughout Abu Dhabi where you can acquire an Hafilat card. Find the closest customer service center near you by going to the Department of Transport website (dot.abudhabi.ae) or visit Abu Dhabi Centeral Bus Station.

Make sure you have the required documents 

If you go to at the center for customer services, it will be required to present an ID that is valid (passport or Emirates ID) and a passport-sized photo in order to obtain an Hafilat card.

  • Make the payment: Then you will have be able to cover a cost in order to be able to obtain an Hafilat card. The cost can be paid in cash or with a credit/debit card.
  • Get the card: After you’ve completed the application and paid the fees you will be issued your Hafilat card right away. It will already have an initial balance which you can use to purchase the first time you ride.
  • Sign up the credit card: (optional) If it is not mandatory to register the card however, it is highly recommended to do it since it offers many benefits like balance protection and recharge options online. You can sign up your card online on the Department of Transport website or through a customer service center.

Take note that seniors citizens and students might be eligible for discounted rates and Hafilat cards. So make sure to find such possibilities when you are applying for a credit card.

Check Hafilat Card Balance

There are many ways on how to check the hafilat card balance. Now, here are some simple ways to Hafilat balance check offline and online:

hafilat balance check

How to Check Hafilat Card Balance Online?

Check Hafilat Balance Online Via Website

You can check your Hafilat card account balance on the internet through the Department of Transport website by following below steps.

In the following screen, you’ll be able to check out your stability in closing/vintage.

If you’re looking to charge your phone, then you are able to recharge within this screen.

Check Hafilat Balance Via Mobile app

You can also check hafilat balance through Darb mobile app, that is compatible with both iOS as well as Android devices. It lets you do a hafilat bus card balance using the application.

Hafilat Card Balance Check Offline

Ticket vending machine

If you’re in a bus stop or any other hub for transportation where you can examine your Hafilat balance with vending machines for tickets. Just insert your card into it and then follow on-screen instructions to verify your balance.


Customer service centers

You may also go to the Hafilat Card customer support center to request a representative to verify your balance on your behalf. They’ll be able verify your account and provide the information about your balance.


Does the Hafilat card have to be renewed?

It is valid for 30 days from the day of purchase. The price for this Hafilat Monthly pass is 80 AED.

What’s the minimum stability of the Hafilat card?

The minimum loading (T-Purse) amount of five dollars.

Can I use Hafilat in Dubai?

In some emirates, specially designed playing cards are utilized to pay fees. They are Hafilat smart cards that are used in Abu Dhabi. The card is not available can be used in Dubai

Do I have to make use of a Hafilat card for a travel to and from Abu Dhabi to Dubai?

The Halifax pass is valid for all intercity and regional buses that operate in Abu Dhabi, which include public buses running from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and Ras-al-Khaimah. It is the Hafilat is valid in Abu Dhabi is quite much as a nol card in Dubai.

What is the best way to pay for the buses within Abu Dhabi?

If you live in Abu Dhabi, you can pay for bus tickets by Hafilat card. It is recommended to fill it up with cash, and swipe it before and after each trip. The price is calculated every day depending on the distance of the passengers journey. Monthly and week-to-month tickets are available.

What is the cost of the cost of a Hafilat bus ticket between Abu Dhabi to Dubai?

Abu Dhabi to Dubai bus price ticket costs AED 25. But, this ticket should be used only for one delivery method. The purchase of an NOL silver card, you will be charged AED 25. It also includes AED 19 in credit.

How do I charge my card for bus within Abu Dhabi?

The 2nd is used to refill your current Abu Dhabi bus card, and the final option is to settle fees. To transfer an online hafilat card, visit hafilat.Darb.Ae and enter your broad range at the back of your card, along with the desired amount. They will subtract the amount from your account and then add it to your account balance.

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Final Words

Hafilat card balance checks can be completed in a variety of methods, including via the Department of Transport website or Darb’s mobile appthrough ticket vending machines located at transportation hubs or by going to a customer support center.

It is crucial to have an Hafilat card to take public transport throughout Abu Dhabi, as it is the most popular option for paying ferry and bus trips. To get the Hafilat card requires visiting a customer service centre where you will be required to present the relevant documents, paying for the fee and then receiving the card.


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