How to Pick the Right Instagram Influencer for Your Brand?


How to Pick the Right Instagram Influencer for Your Brand?

Ever hired an influencer for your brand? Duh! Who doesn't? Starting from small businesses to well-known companies, everyone started opting for influen

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Ever hired an influencer for your brand? Duh! Who doesn’t? Starting from small businesses to well-known companies, everyone started opting for influencer marketing. If used correctly, influencer marketing can harness significant benefits for your brand because Instagram is filled with many influencers in every niche possible. The impact of an influencer is equivalent to celebrities with so much experience in their industry. 

Also, studies say consumers seek recommendations more from Instagram influencers. Since they have so much power, brands have started collaborating with them. Influencers know how to make your brand popular, and they especially take advantage of the Instagram Reels feature to boost content exposure. While posting Reels content, many even buy instagram reels likes to further boost exposure. This way, they increase their popularity among potential audiences. You may wonder about influencer marketing or how to leverage it for your brand. Then we are here to guide you. In this article, we have compiled some of the best ideas for you to keep in mind while picking an influencer for your brand. 

Role of Influencer Marketing & Influencers

Influencer marketing is one sort of social media marketing that uses influencers to promote a brand’s product or services. For brands to approach these influencers, they must have a dedicated social following. 

These influencers play a vital role in creating brand awareness or marketing products. They also have the power to attract more people to your brand. So utilizing them more wisely and effectively is very important. But you may wonder why does a brand need influencers and influencer marketing? We have got your back. To know more about it, read further.

Why Does Your Brand Need Influencers?

Since we understand what influencer marketing and influencers are, it is time to utilize them for your brand’s well-being. Why? Here we go. An influencer can 

  • Strengthen brand reputation.
  • Improve customer engagement.
  • Increase conversion.
  • Boost sales.
  • Enhance brand image.
  • Get connections with non-followers and a lot more.

You can get all the above benefits by trying influencer marketing for your brand. Also, you can opt for Trollishly to get the priorly referred advantages more instantly. Moreover, we have assembled a list of ideas in the article below. These will guide you in picking an optimal influencer for your brand.

5 Ways to Pick the Right Instagram Influencer

Working with an influencer is equally important to finding the right one. Because relevant and authentic influencers will bring in greater profits than any random ones. But how to discover the right influencers? To give you a hand, here are 5 ideas.

1. Decide Your End Goal

To choose the right influencer for your brand, you first need to define your goals. This step has to be followed before searching for an influencer or setting up a campaign. Also, defining your end goals will help you choose the right influencers to collaborate with. 

For example, if your main aim is to create appealing content. In this situation, collaborating with an influencer with photography or editing skill is optimal, rather than collaborating with an influencer with great following but average skills. So, finding the right influencers becomes complicated if you fail to determine your end goal.  

2. Find Influencers in Similar Niche

After deciding your end goal, it is time to search for the right influencer on Instagram. For that purpose, you have to keep in mind various factors. The first and foremost is whether they belong to your niche. For example, assume that you are a fashion brand on Instagram.

Let us say you collaborate with a cooking influencer just for their popularity. Now their working stream is totally varied from yours. Will you likely find your potential customers through them? Definitely not! So working and collaborating with influencers in your niche is very crucial. 

3. Choose Influencers With a Higher Engagement Rate

If you need to be aware of the engagement rate, here is a brief definition. It is a calculation that shows the percentage of followers interacting with your content. A good engagement rate indicates the audience follows up with the influencer’s posts. So trust us having a decent percentage is a good sign. 

Moreover, check whether the influencer constantly engages with their audiences. Having a considerable follower base but less engagement is minimal for your brand. Hence, research an influencer’s engagement rate before collaborating with them. 

4. Check for Quality Content

The concept of working with an influencer is straightforward. It can be done by either one of these methods. One is to ask them to give genuine reviews about your product by providing free products. Another is to pay them to create sponsored content for your brand’s products. Since their content will represent you, ensuring they make content that fits your brand image is vital. So choose the right influencer after clearing the following points. Such as 

  • Quality content.
  • Consistent in their content creation process.
  • Genuine results.
  • Optimized profile.
  • Whether leveraging all features of Instagram etc.

Ensuring all these will aid you in improving your brand’s awareness more quickly and effectively. Furthermore, try out Trollishly to enhance your brand’s awareness and mark your presence on TikTok

5. Check for Their Authenticity

Authenticity is the main component that decides whether an influencer is trustworthy or not. This step is vital to attain your desired goals more efficiently. You can check authenticity by keeping the following points in your mind.

  • Finding their communication speed.
  • Frequency of publishing content.
  • Whether they provide reliable promotions.
  • Checking the balance between regular and sponsored content.
  • Causes they support, and many more. 

By checking these factors, you can ensure the influencer you partner with is authentic and reliable. 

Summing Up

Instagram is the most prevalent platform for influencer marketing worldwide. Around eighty percent of marketers prefer Instagram over any other application. Because social media influencers have the power to bring a substantial impact on our daily lives. Also, people prefer opinions from influencers to traditional celebrities. Nowadays, finding influencers on Instagram is easy peasy. However, choosing the right one and collaborating with them can be tricky. So include the tips mentioned above in your marketing strategy and find the right influencer effectively. 

What other tips do you include in your brand marketing strategy for finding the right influencer? Please share your comments below. 


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