How To Check STC Balance & STC Internet Balance Check


How To Check STC Balance & STC Internet Balance Check

So, you just got your STC SIM with a perfect package that suits all your needs. You've been using it for days, but you don't know how much balance you

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So, you just got your STC SIM with a perfect package that suits all your needs. You’ve been using it for days, but you don’t know how much balance you have left? Well, don’t you worry because this article covers you? We will explain how you can check your outstanding balance on your STC SIM.

So, here are four easy ways to find out your balance on STC SIM.

  1. By Dialing Code
  2. By Text Message
  3. By Calling On STC Helpline
  4. By mySTC app

You Can Also Check MObily Sim Balance 

How To Check STC Balance By Dialing Code?

This is probably the easiest way to quickly check your STC balance. So, what do you do?

1) – If you would like to check your remaining SAWA balance, you should dial “* 166 #” from your mobile phone. The STC system will check your account, and the remaining SAWA balance will appear on the screen in the form of an SMS popup.

STC Balance Check By Dialing Code

2) – Similarly, if you want to check the rest of your STC internet data, you should dial “* 888 * 5 #” from your mobile phone. The STC system will check your account, and the rest of the STC Internet data will appear on your mobile screen in the form of an SMS popup.

how to check stc balance
How To Check STC Balance Through SMS?

The second easiest way to check your remaining balance is via SMS, but it takes a minute or two.

1) – To inquire about the balance, type “166” in a message and send it to “900” and in a few minutes you will receive an SMS with all the details of your balance.

2) – If you want to check the rest of your Sava Internet data you should send “2220” or “Balance” to “900”.

STC Balance Check By SMS

How To Check STC Balance Through STC Helpline?

You also have option to check your balance via STC Helpline by calling. So, with your mobile phone, dial “900” and the customer representative will pick up your call. You can ask the representative about the rest of your credit in Arabic, English or any other preferred language available.

How To Check STC Balance By Using mySTC App?

If none of the above methods are your cup of tea, then here is the mySTC app for your protection. With the mySTC app, you can not only check your balance and data statistics but also do the following:

  • View and pay your bills.
  • Get Sims Delivery
  • Recharge and balance transfer.
  • Check out special offers for prepaid customers.
  • Get full access and control over all numbers registered under Customer ID.

You can download mySTC App by clicking on the below link.

For ANDROID users: mySTC app
For IOS users: mySTC app


After downloading the mySTC application on your mobile phone, you will need to log in to your registered account or create a new one, then verify your number and enjoy all the features offered by the app.

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STC online balance checking code

  • STC balance check online number is 2220. It is necessary to send an empty SMS to 2220 to check your STC Data Balance. Also known as”the STC MB check code.
  • Additionally, dial USSD code to check for the STC Internet Balance.
  • If you’d like to know your STC balance on your mobile just dial *166# on your phone or make a call to 1500. The computerized system will show you the STC balance, both Arabic as well as English.

STC balance transfer

Many thousands of Saudi ex-pats utilize STC service and benefit from various STC internet services. STC balance transfer is extremely useful to these people. A majority of foreigners make use of it to transfer balances between STC into STC, STC to India STC to India, or STC into Pakistan. They are also interested in knowing the STC balance check method to use for this procedure. We will explain all of the methods in a simple manner in this blog post.

How do I transfer an amount between STC to STC

STC offers its customers to transfer balance from a prepay number to any other number that is prepaid. You can use this service in two ways however, subject to certain conditions and terms.

The conditions for transfer of balance between STC to STC

  • To use STC Balance Transfer, STC sim must be registered on your Iqama card.
  • The same conditions will be applicable for the receiver.
  • It is possible to transfer maximum in SAR 5 and up to SAR 20 to any other STC prepaid or postpaid number.
  • The amount you would like to move must equal an multiple of 5 i.e SAR 5 10 15, 20, and 20.
  • You are required to keep the minimum balance of SAR 20 in your account following the STC balance transfer to STC account balance change.
  • The charges for each STC balance transfer is SAR 0.5

The first method is for STC Sawa Credit Transfer

Write this message *133*number recipient* and send this message via SMS to 1500. The recipient is also required be able to text ( *133*ID number of the recipient ) to 1500.

The second method is of STC Sawa credit transfer

In this way it is not possible for the recipient to transmit any SMS, and only the sender will do this. The message will appear as in:

*133*number*amount*ID # of recipient

Transfer STC balance to international numbers

STC customers can also transfer their STC balance by using international numbers. There are many countries that we include in this list . However, we will provide the methods that is “transfer balance of STC into Pakistan” as well as ” transfer balance from STC to India“. Both countries are qualified to use this service. Users can access an overview of the countries that are eligible by texting an email with the subject “countries” at 801500.

Service charges for this service can vary from one country to another. You can verify this by texting your country’s name to the number 801500. i.e, “Pakistan” to 801500.

How can I transfer balances from STC to Pakistan

You must text the number 801500 to transfer the account balance of STC into Pakistan. The text of the sample message is:

133*number of recipient*3*reference code

Referral codes for various amounts

    • Reference code 1 will be used the transfer of 100 Pakistani rupees into Pakistan. The company will subtract SR 7.
    • The reference code is 2 for transfer to 250 rupees. Its price of SR 16.
  • To transfer 500 PKR, you be required to use the reference the code “3” as well as the bank will subtract an amount in the amount of SR 32 out of your bank account.

How can I transfer the balance of STC to India

The procedure of sending SMS is the same as Pakistan in order to move the remaining balance of STC in India. Make use of these reference codes for India.

Refer code 1.50 INR. The total cost SR 6.
Code 2 reference for 100 INR. Cost total SR 11.
Reference code 3 is employed to make a transfer of 300 INR into India The total amount of deduction is SR 30.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions will be applicable to transfer the balance of STC into international number.

You must be a prepaid customer and have a good amount of money on the account. STC account.

You can send SAR 5-20 in one term, as well as there’s no restriction to transactions.
0.5 Saudi Riyal represents a transfer cost that is per transaction.

How to recharge STC account

You can receive the recharge in the amount of SAR 100 to $200 by texting to 800.
SMS: * 144 * (mobile number) * (Amount) #

We’ve provided an Urdu video on STC balance transfer and STC balance transfer as well as the STC balance check You can view it to learn more about the process.

SAWA, STC Packages

STC packages are well-known among STC customers. The company has divided the packages into 6 categories that start at 10 Riyal, and can go up until 220 Riyals. Talk time, international and local minutes and social media, SMS along with general Internet are all covered in these saws bundles. We will go over the subject in greater detail below.

SAWA 10:

Subscribers can avail 200 minutes of on-net usage 200 SMS, 200 minutes on-net, and 200 MB of internet with the SAWA 10.10 package. Talk time with other networks is included in this package. You can send 8111 to 900 in order to join the STC bundle.

SAWA 15:

You can get the SAWA 15 bundle that comes with 15 Riyal. The company provides you with 400 minutes of talk time on the STC network along with 400 SMS, as well as 400 megabytes of internet. There is no off-net talk time included in this deal. It is required to transmit 7015 to 800.

SAWA Like:

In SAWA 65 you will receive 600 minutes on-net five GB for social media, 2GB Wi-Fi, and 2GB internet for various other reasons. You can send 7065 and 900 for activation.

Share of SAWA:

The company gives unlimited minutes on the STC network, 10GB in social media content, 5GB of internet and 5GB of Wi-Fi for 110 Riyals. You can sign up for the Sawa Share by texting 7110 to 900.

SAWA Post:

When you subscribe to SAWA Post, you will get unlimited talk time through the STC network as well as unlimited social media access as well as 10GB of internet and 10GB Wi-Fi. The cost is 160 Riyals. It is necessary to pay 7160-900 to pay to purchase the subscription.

SAWA Star:

SAWA Star is a grand package of STC which lets you get unlimited call time and unlimited social media and 100GB of internet. WiFi is not included as part of this deal. To subscribe you must send 7220 to the number 900.


It is part of the STC post pad series. If we look at Mofawtar basic, you’ll avail 1 GB of internet, 1 GB of wi-fi, and 100 minutes of talk time over the STC network for the range of 70 Riyal monthly. Calls to international destinations aren’t included with the package. There are a few additional deals offered to customers who are postpaid.

At The End:

Dear readers, STC internet balance check numbers as well as the ways of STC balance recharge and transfer are provided in an easy manner within this article. these are all methods which you can use and check your balance on STC prepaid and postpaid numbers. These methods also work even outside of KSA, but you need to pay additional roaming charges.


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