Symbols On UAE Coins & UAE Currency Notes What They Mean


Symbols On UAE Coins & UAE Currency Notes What They Mean

UAE Coins & Currency Bank Notes There are so many colorful particulars that appear on your UAE coins and UAE Currency notes Have you ever stopped

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UAE Coins & Currency Bank Notes

There are so many colorful particulars that appear on your UAE coins and UAE Currency notes Have you ever stopped looking at theme? Although they may feel a bit abstract in nature, numerous of these symbols are representative of the UAE’s heritage and reflect the country’s development from the fishing megacity to the multilateral megalopolis as it’s known moment. ۔ So Let’s take a close look on some of these unique symbols of the UAE currency and at the end of it, we’re confident that you will be able to learn some thing about the rich culture and heritage of United Arab Emirates.

What’s The Name Of Currency Of The United Arab Emirates?

The UAE currency is the dirham and is nominated in coins and bills, numerous of which are public symbols of the UAE. The UAE currency is shortened as AED, Dh or Dhs. As far as the symbol of dirham in Arabic is concerned, it’s expressed as د.إ.

What Are The Symbols On UAE Coins?

Coins in the UAE come in three appellations-1 dirham coin, 50 fills coin and 25 fills coin. On the front of these coins is a unique symbol in both the Hijri and Gregorian times, and below it’s the time of the Mint. You can indeed find numerous honorary coins designed specifically for the autocrats of the UAE and other designs to commemorate literal events. As far as the rear ( back) of UAE coins is concerned, they contain the letters ‘United Arab Emirates ‘in both English and Arabic languages along with the value of the coins. All figures on UAE coins are shown in Arabic letters.

Take a near look at each of the unique symbols on the UAE coins and what they represent.

1. A Pot Of Coffee (Dallah) Sign Of 1 Dirham UAE Coins

UAE-currency-dallah UAE Coins

Primarily representing Emirati culture and hospitality, the Dallah coffee pot appears on the most widely used variations of the UAE currency – the AED 1 coin. The old tradition of chatting guests with Arabic coffee and win brume is still current in Emirati families. Arabic coffee ( also called coffee) is generally a succulent mix of cardamom and saffron served in small mugs.

2. Derricks Of Oil On 50 Fills UAE Coins Currency 

UAE-currency-oilderricks, UAE Coins, Dubai Coins,

And also, there was the canvas! The small structures which is shown on 50 fills coins are actually three canvas dirks that actually mark a turning point in the rich history of the UAE. Contributing greatly to the country’s development, canvas was first discovered in the 1950s, before the seven emirates united to form the United Arab Emirates. Prior to the discovery of canvas, fishing and plum diving were sources of income in the UAE. The first import was from Abu Dhabi in 1962, and the rest, as they say, is history.

3. A Gazelle Appears On 25 Fills UAE Coins Currency.

25-fils-uae-dirham-coin, UAE Coins, Dubai Coins

Creatures are a popular symbol of the UAE currency for both coins and dirham notes. The beast you see on the small 25 Fills coins is the Arabian Beach Gazelle, a original cate in the United Arab Emirates. These magnificent brutes are plant substantially in the comeuppance of Abu Dhabi. They’re an integral part of wildlife in the UAE and have been known since the time of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

What Are The Symbols Appears On UAE Bank Notes?

Bills of UAE currency can be plant in the prices of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000. Both the downside and the downside of the dirham notes emblematize the UAE currency. Then is a look at the markings on UAE currency bills.

4. Blue Souq Of Sharjah Appears On -5 Dirham Note

5-dirham-note-symbol-min UAE Coins, Dubai Coins,

Still, you know this place veritably well, If you’re a occupant of Sharjah. The Blue Civic, also known as the Central Market, in Sharjah in 1978, is a major trading and shopping center in the UAE. Its vibrant terrain and rich history make it one of the stylish places to visit in Sharjah. You can find over 600 stores then dealing everything from gold to electronics. This traditional request covers an area of square measures. And with the magnificent armature that makes it one of the largest milestones in the UAE and a perfect symbol for the UAE currency.

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The UAE currency symbol on the reverse of the AED 5 note is the Imam Salem Al-Mutawi Mosque, formerly known as the Al-Jamaa Mosque in Sharjah-another important symbol of the UAE.

5. An Omani Dagger (Knife)- Appears On 10 Dirhams UAE Currency Note

UAE-currency-dagger UAE Coins, Duai Coins

You’ll remember seeing these traditional daggers vended in remembrance shops around the UAE. Omani daggers, or daggers in Arabic, were traditionally carried by men who used munitions for stalking and protection. This expostulation is still of artistic significance moment, a symbol of security and strength in the UAE. Moment you’ll find these daggers in beautifully decorated forms in numerous places across the country. Although the need to take them with them has lowered, these distinguished artistic objects make excellent collectibles and remain a popular symbol of the UAE’s heritage and artistic history.

6. Palm Tree- Symbol Of 10 Dirhams

Palm-tree-10 Dirham UAE Coins, Dubai Coins,

One thing that has always been in the UAE is, of course, the win tree. It’s the public symbol of the United Arab Emirates that we explosively associate with life in the Middle East. Before the win tree came the ultramodern, marketable center of the country, it was the source of food and sanctum we know. A symbol which show the food and hospitality, the Victory Tree appears on AED 10’s currency notes as a reminder of how tall the country was before the era of towers and shopping centers.

7. A DHOW SAILING BOAT – Appeared On 20 Dirham Note

20-Dirham-Back-up, Dubai

The popular Dow Boot appears on the AED 20 currency note. In the early days, Emirati people relied almost entirely on fishing and pearl diving for their income. These traditional ships carry divers and fishermen at sea for months at a time with their special Latin sails. Boating and free diving were predominant occupations for most local men. Like many of the other national symbols, it also serves as a reminder of the pre-oil era of the UAE, when men had to rely on dhow boats to get their work done.

8. Arabic Orex – 50 Dirham Banknote

Oryx-50 AED

You will remember to see this separate deer on your AED 50 currency notes. This regal creature is a desert creature and is also the national animal of the United Arab Emirates. Its population was marked as extinct in the 1970s, but thanks primarily to conservation efforts by His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Orex is alive and roaming the earth with pride. Although it is not significant as culturally or economically in the UAE’s traditions, the Arab Orex demonstrates the country’s continued commitment to protecting its native wildlife.

9. Al-Fahidi Fort – AED 100 Note in UAE

AED-100-note-obverse-min UAE Coins, Dubai Coins, UAE Currency


The symbol of the next currency of the UAE that we are going to talk about is the Al-Fahdi Fort on the 100 dirham note. It served as the residence of rulers 200 years ago and as a fortress for the defense of the country. Built in 1787, it is one of the most important landmarks representing the heritage of the United Arab Emirates. The castle still stands as the Dubai Museum in the Al Fahdi area of Dubai, where visitors can glimpse historical artifacts as well as gain insights into people’s lives in the UAE. The Coat of Arms of UAE you can also see on the 100 dirham note.

10. Central Bank Of The UAE Building – AED 200 Notes


The UAE Central Bank is the institution responsible for making the country’s currency a suitable symbol for the UAE currency. This famous building is located in the Al-Fahidi district in front of Dubai Creek.

11. The Falcon – 500 Dirham Note

UAE-currency-falcon 500 Dirham

You already know the importance of these magnificent birds and their central role in Emirati culture, which has resulted in the much-loved Falconry tradition today. The Bedouins first used these birds to hunt small prey in the desert and managed to train the falcon as long as it was alive. This survival tactic gradually became a popular pastime among locals and an interesting cultural aspect for tourists today. There is on UAE currency notes, a Falcon which is UAE national bird is also sits proudly as the country’s official emblem.

12. Qasr-Al-Hosn – Appears On 1000 Dirham Note


The largest denomination of banknotes in the UAE is the 1000 dirham note and on this note, you can see Qasr Al-Hosn, the oldest stone watchman in Abu Dhabi. The Watch Tower, which was built in early 1790s for the purpose of protection of the island , served as the former seat of the Abu Dhabi government and was home to the ruling family. At the end of 2018, Qasr al-Hosn reopened as a museum, with many historical relics and antiquities.

So there you have it – a glimpse of the rich and charming heritage of the UAE through the national symbols we see on its currency. Don’t let the skyscrapers fool you, there is more to this country than meets the eye. Just below the magnificent shopping malls and revolving towers, the UAE has its own cultural identity that it has proudly maintained over the years.

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