UAE Golden Pension” is announced to expats in order to increase gratuity

Golden Pension Scheme

National Bonds launched the UAE’s first-ever UAE Golden Pension Scheme to expand its financial planning services for residents and nationals.

Leading Shariah-compliant investment and savings company in the UAE. The UAE golden pension scheme was developed to meet increasing demands from both employees and employers.

The new proposal allows employees to make as little as Dh100 per month and still earn a profit. This can be used in addition to any gratuity earned by their organization.

This scheme also supports organisations in their efforts to retain employees and helps them plan for the end-of-service financials.

The unique initiative is designed to support employees’ financial goals by helping corporates that are registered with National Bonds. The golden pension scheme is targeted at 89 per cent of UAE’s ex-pat population. It will allow employees of registered corporations to get a headstart in retirement planning and improve their financial resilience through the attractive, competitive returns offered by National Bonds under the programme,” National Bonds, which are owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai, stated in a Tuesday statement.

Mohammed Qasim Al Ali is the group CEO of National Bonds. He stated that retirement planning is essential to ensure financial stability and independence.

Employees will be able to view their pension portfolio through National Bonds’ mobile app and see their savings grow in real-time. They can also participate in the National Bonds rich rewards programme, which is worth Dh35million. Additionally, they are eligible for Life Takaful coverage provided by local Takaful operators.

Mohammed Qasim Al Ali is the group CEO of National Bonds. He stated that retirement planning is essential to ensure financial stability and independence.

UAE Golden Pension Scheme

“Around eight million people live in the UAE today. Ali stated that this initiative, which is the first of its kind and was specifically designed for the private sector will allow ex-pats to save money while also helping corporates retain their employees.

He stated that the scheme was in line with the vision of leadership to make UAE the preferred country for employment. It allows companies to invest their employee’s end-of-service funds so they can receive additional returns on their gratuity. Not many companies do this because accumulated funds aren’t being invested which ultimately deprives employees of these benefits.

He stated that the country’s visionary leadership has always tried their best to protect and enable people.

“Our goal is to contribute to their vision of building the nation of tomorrow, where all residents and citizens are more financially independent,” he said.

Key Takeaways About UAE Golden Pension

The new scheme will help corporations manage employee pension plans, and help them kickstart their retirement savings

* Golden Pension Scheme allows employees to take advantage of the seamless digital platform as well as innovative and customisable plans to increase savings

* Proposition targeted 89% of UAE’s expat population

* Employees can contribute up to Dh100 per month.

* The pension plan was developed in response to increasing demand from both employers and employees