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    UAE New Travel Rules: It’s Easier to Travel to the UAE Now

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    Dubai and Abu Dhabi are well known for their ultra-modern architecture, luxury hotels, amazing restaurants, majestic shopping malls, and even traditional souqs. No doubt their reputation as the hottest travel spots around right now is well founded.

    Additionally, the UAE is strategically located between Asia and Europe and has also adopted business-friendly policies. This has prompted many to make regular visits to the country with some even opting to make the UAE their home. Whether visiting tourists or returning residents, many have been able to easily find cheap flights on Wego.ae no matter where they are in the world.

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    For those looking to make their way to the country, here’s a summary of the latest travel rules and requirements for travel to the UAE.

    General requirements

    The latest travel rules to the UAE require all arrivals to satisfy one of the following:

    • travellers must present a valid vaccination certificate(s) reflecting that they have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19, or
    • travellers must present a valid negative COVID‑19 PCR test certificate issued within 48 hours from the time of sample collection to the time of boarding, or
    • travellers must present a valid medical certificate issued by the relevant authorities reflecting that they have recovered from COVID‑19 within 1 month from the date of recovery to the date of arrival

    If the traveller is a minor (under 16 years of age) or has severe disabilities, the above requirements do not apply.

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    Prior approval requirement

    Please note that for both tourists and returning residents, no prior approval from the ICA or GDRFA will be required for their trip to the UAE.

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    However, be advised that travellers to Abu Dhabi are still required to register their arrival via the ICA prior to departure. This is to allow their vaccination and testing credentials to be reflected on the Al Hosn app.

    Quarantine Requirements

    The UAE has lifted its quarantine requirements for international arrivals. However, the isolation measures for those testing positive for COVID-19 remain in place. Each emirate may still impose its own quarantine and PCR measures for confirmed COVID-19 positive cases.

    Register on the Al Hosn app

    To properly confirm their test and vaccination status, travellers are advised to download and install the Al Hosn app on their mobile devices.

    The Al Hosn app has been fitted with a color-coded system allowing users to promptly display their vaccination status as well as their latest PCR test results. A ‘green pass’ status means that a traveller is fully vaccinated and has a valid PCR test result.

    The green pass on the Al Hosn app allows travellers to gain access to public places such as hotels, restaurants, malls, and other tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

    Travelling within the UAE

    At present, travelling domestically within the UAE can be done without any restrictions. Travellers may travel to and from Dubai or any other emirate in the UAE without needing any kind of tests or isolation period.

    However, as mentioned, please be aware that the green pass will still be required to access the majority of public places in Abu Dhabi, including malls, restaurants, hotels, gyms, public parks and beaches.

    Rules for UAE citizens travelling abroad

    It is now possible for UAE citizens to travel abroad on the condition that they have been fully vaccinated or hold a valid PCR test issued within 48 hours before their date of departure.

    Additionally, all outbound travellers must also complete the travel forms in the Al Hosn App to turn their application status green.

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