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    How To Check DU Balance Check Your Balance Easily

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    If you are looking for how to check Du Balance online? You Don’t need check further! You already are at the right place. Du Telecom is one of the two telecom providers in the UAE, alongside Etisalat.

    To check your data balance, follow the guidelines for how to check du postpaid balance and prepaid lines.

    Not knowing your mobile credits or exceeding your credit limit are painful experiences these days. .

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    You can do so anytime and anywhere with some data or internet access. Continue reading below to learn how.

    How To Check DU Data Balance in Du Prepaid Sim

    In a 2018 report by the TRA, over 20 million people in the UAE have mobile phone subscriptions.

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    It tells us that many people in the UAE are using mobile phones as part of their daily lives. Did you know that if you have a Du subscription, you can check your prepaid and postpaid balance anytime? Here’s how:

    It tells us that many people in the UAE are using mobile phones as part of their daily lives. If you got a Du subscription, did you know that you can add and check your prepaid and postpaid credits? Here’s the procedure:

    DU Prepaid Balance Check Online Inquiry

    Du mobile users can check their prepaid credits using short codes. These are codes that are smaller and easier to remember than telephone numbers and are unique to each (network) operator.

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    #1 You can simply dial short code *135# for free to check your Du Mobile prepaid balance.

    • Just dial the short code *135# or type ‘balance’ in your messaging app and send it to 1335.
    • Wait you will receive an SMS containing information about the remaining prepaid balance on your du sim.
    • You can also check your credit by dial 135 or DU app

    Note: du automatically sends notifications of balance details to its users if they have used 70%, 85%, and 100% mobile data.

    #2 In addition, you can check your mobile prepaid balance through Du’s official online portal:

    • Go to du’s official online portal: ?.
    • Log in with your username and password and follow the instructions provided.
    • After successfully logging in, you will see your account details on your homepage. This includes the rest of your mobile credits.

    du balance check

    Note: You must have a Du online account to access this page. If you don’t have one, just click here to register with the login button and follow the instructions on the page.

    How To Recharge Du Sim Online

    How To Check Etisalat Number And Owner Details

    Check Du Postpaid Data Balance.

    Users of DU Postpaid SIM cards can easily check their remaining du post paid data balance in a few simple ways.

    #1 Just type ‘rewards’ in message and send it to 1223.

    • This is an easy and offline way to check your data or postpaid balance.

    #2 Check your balance through DU Self Care Portal.

    • As a way to check your prepaid balance online, just log in to Du official website and follow the on-screen instructions provided.

    You can check your prepaid and postpaid data credit using the facilities provided by du.

    Regularly checking your prepaid or postpaid mobile credits helps you track and manage transactions more efficiently.

    • If you are using any du prepaid or postpaid subscription packages? How was the experience until now? Here are tips to share with other mobile phone users who may not know much about the services offered. Let us know with a comment under the section below!


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