How To Check Travel Ban In UAE 2022 Complete Guide

How To Check Travel Ban In UAE 2022: Dubai Police has a free online service that enables UAE residents to check if they are banned from traveling to t

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How To Check Travel Ban In UAE 2022: Dubai Police has a free online service that enables UAE residents to check if they are banned from traveling to the UAE only for financial reasons. You must enter your Emirates ID card number to use the service.
Visit the Dubai Police official website or you can simply download the Dubai Police app which is available on both iTunes and Google Play To avail the service . For further inquiries, feel free to call Dubai Police on 901.

The ‘Estafser‘, is an online service of Judicial Department of Abu Dhabi Which enables Abu Dhabi UAE residents to confirm whether the public prosecution has asked for a lawsuit against them. To use the service, the applicant must enter his Unified Number.

Before planning your trip, we advise you that you must check and / or resolve any kind of issues at the immigration counters of airport . If necessary, you can get the help of a lawyer, or just contact the nearest immigration or police station in your area for advice.

Check The Validity And Type Of Passport.

Check that your passport is valid and machine readable or e-passport as some countries call it. Many countries do not accept travelers who do not have a machine-readable passport or e-passport.

Citizens of the UAE can check the validity of passport by (GDRFA) General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs in the UAE. Immigrants living in the UAE, meanwhile, can contact their embassies and consulates in the UAE for validation, issuance and renewal of their passports.

For any kind of queries related to overseas travel travelers can simply contract the call center through (80044444) or contact the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Check Visa Requirements.

Citizens and residents seeking to travel abroad are advised to contact the foreign mission of the country intended to destination in the UAE for visa regulations, application procedures and any kind of relevant information.
Many countries have given the job of accepting visa applications to a private company called VFS Global.
Visas for the citizens of the UAE.

Citizens of the UAE can travel to many countries, either without a visa or by obtaining a visa on arrival.

Emiratis can check if they are exempt from applying for a visa or if they need a visa before their trip or if they can get one upon arrival.

Check Out Travel Advisories

Unstable social and political conditions around the world have made leisure travel difficult for some countries. Take a look at the travel warnings posted on the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation website to find out which countries are not safe to travel to.

Learn About Local Laws.

Before traveling, learn about the laws and customs of the destination country. Remember that ignorance of the law is not an excuse and if you commit a crime you will be liable for legal action.

Burqas, hijabs, niqabs and other types of veils, clothing, clothing that can be attributed to religious or cultural beliefs, values or customs, are prohibited in many countries to varying degrees.

Countries that have banned the niqab include France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It is also banned in Thessalonica, Switzerland, Barcelona, Spain, Hesse, Germany, and several Italian cities. The niqab was also banned by Danish courts. Violators will be fined.

How To Check Travel Ban In UAE: While the diversity in the expat population provides a great advantage to UAE’s colorful sectors in terms of profitable growth, it also poses a implicit threat to non-citizens fleeing the country to escape any legal situation. Therefore, as a security and preventative measure, the government imposes a trip ban upon residents of UAE under colorful circumstances. This ensures everyone is held responsible for a breach of any law.

Still, then how you can check the UAE trip ban, If you ’re concerned about facing challenges when travelling from the UAE.


How To Check Travel Ban In UAE Airport

Still, it’s wise to make a current travel ban check in the UAE, If you’re planning to travel across the country. The UAE immigration trip ban is principally a restriction from crossing the country’s borders – whether by entering, demitting or exiting – via any means of transport until certain conditions have been met to lift the ban.


Still, the UAE immigration ban check is judicious to avoid any unlooked-for and inimical situations at the field’s immigration office, If you wish to travel abroad. There are several grounds on which a trip ban may be assessed. The most common bones include:

  • An ongoing crime disquisition
  • Violation of immigration laws
  • Overdue fiscal debts
  • Rent controversies
  • Employment without a valid work permit
  • Overstaying on the visa
  • Leaving the country without informing your employer and revoking your work permit
  • A global outbreak of a complaint


How To Check Travel Ban In UAE


There are four ways to check for the trip ban in Dubai

  • Residers can either visit a police station in Dubai to make an in-person inquiry if any felonious complaint has been filed against them in fiscal cases.
  • A accessible way to find out UAE visa ban status is to make a phone call. You’ll need to give your passport number and other details to the call center agent. Denizens can communicate the AMER center in Dubai on the risk-free number 800-5111. Those overseas may call on 4-313-9999. This is also the smart way to check UAE trip ban status with your passport number.
  • You can also hire a attorney/ attorney to conduct a thorough check on behalf of you if you’re facing a possible trip ban. This is the smart option, in case there’s a liability of an arrest leave being assessed on you. Through a lawyer you can also check your travel ban if you are outside UAE this is the only way to check travel ban from outside the country.
  • Another instant way to find out the status of travel ban in UAE is to check online through the official website of Dubai Police. Let’s look at the online system.


If you excited to know How to check travel ban in UAE online?” The free service offered on Dubai Police’s official website or smart app enables Dubai residents to check the restrictions on online immigration trips to the UAE permanently.

  • The primary demand to check the trip ban status online is to have a valid Emirates ID.
  • Visit the sanctioned website of Dubai Police or download the Dubai Police smart app that’s available for both users of Android and iOS.
  • Elect ‘ Felonious Status of Fiscal Cases ‘that’s listed amongst their Individual Services section.
  • Enter your full name and your Emirates ID card number.
  • In the event of a travel ban, you will be advised to go to any police station in Dubai with your Emirates ID, passport copy and an authority letter.
  • There’s no service figure for checking trip ban status online through the Dubai Police website and app.
  • For farther enquiries regarding trip ban and felonious status of fiscal cases, you can call the Dubai Police Criminal Investigation Department at 901 or drop an dispatch atmail@dubaipolice.gov.ae


Passport Stamps

  • Residers in the capital can visit the Judicial Department in the Abu Dhabi website to check if they’ve any claims filed against them in Public Prosecution. A unified ID number is needed at their Estafser e-service where requests related to cases can be made.
  • Those living in other emirates can visit our companion to check their visa status in the UAE.

The online installation launched by the government saves time and trouble in getting information regarding trip ban status. It also saves you from the hassle of being held up at the Airports.



  • Visit a Dubai police station
  • Call AMER
  • Hire a counsel to check your status on your behalf
  • Go to Dubai Police’s website


  • Visit Dubai Police’s website
  • Go to ‘Services’
  • Enter your full name as well as correct Emirates ID.
  • You will get an alert, If you have any travel ban.

After you have passed this procedure, it’s good to know the effects banned at Dubai Airport to take with you in luggage. While there are numerous banned objects, there are several custom-exempted particulars similar as cigarettes, alcoholic potables, etc. If you ’re doubtful about what kind of drugs can you bring along with you to the country? You can go through this helpful companion to carry drugs for UAE trippers.

The legal system in the UAE has been designed to prompt positive change. There are now smart police stations in Dubai to make law enforcement as transparent and accessible as possible. Also to legalize residency contracts and produce a flawless real estate operation system, process similar as the Ejari has been put in place.

Both foreigners and locals can be sure that their safety and security is taken care of in Dubai.


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