How to renew UAE visa : is your UAE visa expired? And want to apply for a new visa?

How To Renew UAE Visa
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Articles (Gulf Inside) Residence visas in the UAE are usually issued for two years. If you want to stay in the UAE after two years, you will have to get a new visa.

With the expiration of a resident or employment visa, the UAE ID card also expires. Therefore, the identity card also has to be renewed along with your residency visa.

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If you want your visa to be renewed before it expires, you can renew your visa one to six months in advance.

How to renew UAE visa before it expires?
To renew your visa before it expires, you must visit the office of the General Directorate and Residency and Foreign Affairs of the UAE that issued the visa. And there they will have to apply for an advance visa renewal.

Otherwise you will only be able to get a new visa after the visa expires, after the visa expires you will be given a 30-day grace period to get a new visa.

The procedure for renewing a visa is the same in every UAE. However, some changes in fees are possible.

How to renew UAE visa after it expires?

1. First you have to get your medical done.
Remember that in Dubai and Abu Dhabi it is necessary to get medical test before renewing the visa.

You can get medical test from the following centers:

  • Dubai Health Authority Medical Fitness Center. There is a fee of 320 dirhams per applicant
  • Abu Dhabi Health Authority Medical Fitness Center. Where the fee is 250 dirhams per applicant.
  • In other UAE, you can get medical treatment from the Ministry of Health and Prevention Centers. The fee will be 110 dirhams.

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Remember that you have to get medical from the UAE that issued you the visa.

2. Apply for Emirates ID card
Apply for Emirates ID card after getting medical treatment. For this you have to go to the office of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship FAIC or apply online for renewal of your emirates ID from the FAIC website.

Remember that the fee for a three-year Emirates ID card is 370 dirhams and for a two-year one it is 270 dirhams.

3. Apply for a visa renewal
After getting medical treatment and applying for an ID card, you will apply for a visa renewal in the third stage.

Where and how can a visa be applied for?
You can choose one of the following procedures to apply for a visa, depending on your convenience:

  • You can go to the typing center and apply
  • Visit the GDRFA Center
  • You can apply through the Federal Authority for Identity and Residence’s mobile app
  • Or you can submit online application from the link given below

Link : Federal authority for identity & citizenship (ICA)

Remember that you can use any method you want to apply, but you must meet the conditions below

The following documents must be submitted to renew the visa:

  • A sponsor who have original residence permit
  • You must pass a medical test
  • Insurance card required for Dubai and Abu Dhabi visas
  • New ID or Receipt issued by ICA for renewal of ID card
  • The visa application must be signed by the sponsor
  • Original passport of the sponsor
  • Sponsor’s photo

If the company sponsoring the visa applicant is private, the following additional documents must be submitted:

  • A copy of the original firm card
  • A copy of the commercial license
  • Renewed labor card
  • People over the age of 60 will submit a receipt for an application for a Labor Card renewal

The following is a list of required documents for sponsors who are sponsoring their family:

  • A copy of the sponsor’s employment contract or company contract for investors
  • Salary certificate issued by the employer, stating the monthly salary
  • Marriage certificate
  • Registered rental agreement
  • Latest Utility Bill

Two-year visa renewal fee?

  • The fee for renewing a two-year visa in Dubai is 460 dirhams
  • In Abu Dhabi, 360 dirhams, typing fee will be in addition
  • You will have to pay an extra 35 dirhams after applying for a visa. An additional 35 dirhams is the postage to send the passport to your address after the visa is issued.
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