Twitter Hack 2020. Hackers attack 130 Twitter accounts

Twitter Hack 2020
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Web-desk (Gulf Inside) Twitter Hack 2020 the social networking site Twitter has confirmed that hackers targeted 130 accounts in this week’s cyber attack but did not steal anyone’s password.

Twitter says the hackers took control of the accounts and also tweeted, but now data downloading from the affected accounts has been blocked, but investigations are ongoing.

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According to Twitter, they are investigating whether non-public data has been stolen from these accounts.

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Remember that this week the Twitter accounts of many of the world’s most famous celebrities were hacked continuously. The cyber-attack targeted the world’s most prominent politicians and businessmen, including the accounts of US presidential candidate Joe Biden, former US President Barack Hussein Obama, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Tesla chief Alan Musk.

In the attack, hackers tried to get bitcoins from people by tweeting from the accounts of the victims and were tempted to pay them many times more if they provided them with money.

Twitter says people who have changed their passwords over the past 30 days may lose access to their accounts, but that doesn’t mean their accounts have been hacked.

Twitter says they are investigating the matter, but the hacking has dropped the company’s shares by 2.3 percent.

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